WESTCARB Carbon Atlas

The WESTCARB Carbon Atlas is an interactive geographical information system (GIS) showing the locations of major industrial CO2 emissions sources in the WESTCARB region, as well as areas with geologic formations suitable for storing CO2. Clicking on a feature—such as an oil field or power plant—will pull up information specific to that feature. Users can chose from several different base maps, and can turn data layers on or off to customize views.

The Atlas allows users to view and download pre-made maps in the Map Gallery, download data files through the Data Access portal, and extract data or explore data layers using the WESTCARB Data Extractor. Layers are also available through ArcGIS.com, allowing other publicly available datasets to be incorporated into your existing desktop or web-enabled GIS mapping services.

Data in the WESTCARB Carbon Atlas are also served to the U.S. Department of Energy's interactive national carbon atlas (NATCARB). Additionally, DOE has published the Carbon Storage Atlas, which summarizes carbon storage technologies, the regional partnerships' research and field projects, and the location and estimated CO2 storage resource for various geologic formations.



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