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May 10, 2013Breakthrough Industrial Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Project Begins Full-Scale Operations

December 19, 2012DOE's Carbon Utilization and Storage Atlas Estimates at Least 2,400 Billion Metric Tons of U.S. CO2 Storage Resource

August 22, 2012DOE-Sponsored Project Begins Demonstrating CCUS Technology in Alabama

January 5, 2012Depleted Gas Reservoirs Can Double as Geologic Carbon Storage Sites

November 21, 2011CO2 Injection Begins in Illinois

August 24, 2011—Large-Scale Industrial Carbon Capture, Storage Plant Begins Construction

May 23, 2011—SCS Energy Agrees to Take Over HECA and to Move Project Forward

January 25, 2011—H2 Fueled Energy Plant, Carbon Capture Project in Bakersfield's Backyard

January 20, 2011—Carbon Capture and Storage Can Help Reduce California GHG Emissions

November 22, 2010—EPA Finalizes Rules to Foster Safe Carbon Storage Technology Actions

August 12, 2010—Federal Task Force Sends Recommendations to President on Fostering Clean Coal Technology

August 5, 2010—Secretary Chu Announces FutureGen 2.0

July 20, 2010—U.S. Partners with Canada to Renew Funding for World's Largest International CO2 Storage Project in Depleted Oil Fields

November 13, 2009—Worldwide Carbon Capture and Storage Projects on the Increase

November 6, 2009—DOE Signs Cooperative Agreement for New Hydrogen Power Plant

November 5, 2009—DOE-Sponsored Mississippi Project Hits 1-Million-Ton Milestone for Injected CO2

October 12, 2009—Secretary Chu Issues Call to Action on Carbon Capture and Storage Technology (DOE Letter to Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum)

October 2, 2009—Secretary Chu Announces First Awards from $1.4 Billion for Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

September 16, 2009—DOE Research Projects to Examine Promising Geologic Formations for CO2 Storage

September 15, 2009—Department of Energy Awards $71 Million to Accelerate Innovative Carbon Capture Project

August 26, 2009—Carbon Sequestration Documentary Wins Coveted Aurora Award (The documentary “Out of the Air – Into the Soil” features WESTCARB forestry-based projects in Shasta County, California)

August 24, 2009—DOE Selects Projects to Monitor and Evaluate Geologic CO2 Storage

July 1, 2009—Secretary Chu Announces Two New Projects to Reduce Emissions from Coal Plants

May 27, 2009—DOE Establishes National Carbon Capture Center to Speed Deployment of CO2 Capture Processes


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