Drilling Progress at Citizen Green #1 Well


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Drilling Activity for December 1, 2011

Paul Graham Drilling crane and personnel arrived at site. A safety review was conducted. Drilling fluid (mud) was delivered. Wooden mats for the substructure were positioned at wellhead and the lower section of the substructure was placed on the mats. The drilling fluid pits were set and solids control equipment was placed on top of the tanks. The remainder of the substructure, the rig floor, draw works, and other equipment were set. The derrick was positioned for lifting. Pumps, electrical, and parts were hooked up during the remainder of the work day. Housing for site supervisor, mud engineer, and coring personnel were delivered and set up.


  • High winds caused difficult work conditions, and additional time was needed to perform operations safely
  • The derrick was not placed atop the substructure due to high winds. It is hoped that winds will subside in the morning and the derrick can be safely set in place.
Drilling Activity for December 2, 2011
The derrick was set in place and rig up operations continued. The crane completed its tasks and departed the site. The derrick was raised and scoped out. Lights in the derrick and around the rig were connected. Additional drilling fluid (mud) products were delivered. Rig monitor equipment and satellite phone were installed. A work building was delivered. Fluid was placed in the rig tanks and circulating equipment was function tested. Well control equipment was set in place and pressure tested. A 7-7/8″ drill bit was picked up and lowered into the well as joints of heavy weight drill pipe were picked up.

Notes / Observations

  • California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources was notified of intention to test well control equipment and begin drilling



12-3-4 drill progress