Project Photos


  • image1
    Workover rig
  • image2
    WESTCARB partners visit the site
  • image3
    Mobilization of Paul Graham drilling rig
  • image4
    Crane lifting section of rig tower
  • image5
    Drilling rig in place
  • image6
    On the drilling rig floor
  • image7
    New drill bit
  • image8
    Used drill bit
  • image9
    Viewing core samples from Nortonville Shale to Domengine Sandstone interface – first coring run
  • image10
    Preparing core samples on site in LBNL/UCB mobile field laboratory
  • image11
    Core barrel retrieval during the second coring run
  • image12
    Second coring string comes off of the rig
  • image13
    Pulling core barrel from drill pipe
  • image14
    Mokelumne River “Sandstone” from 4750 foot depth spills from core barrel
  • image15
    Measuring core barrel for cutting
  • image16
    Cutting the core barrel into sections
  • image17
    Mudlogger examines rock chips under the microscope to determine composition
  • image18
    Outside the LBNL/UCB mobile field laboratory. From left to right: John Beyer, Project Manager, Joanne Emerson, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, and Shahla Ali
  • image19
    View of drill site from levee
  • image20
    Drill pipes removed from well and stacked to prepare for wireline logging
  • image21
    Unloading and preparation of wireline logging tools
  • image22
    Hoisting wireline tool string onto rig to lower into borehole
  • image23
    Wayne Rowe of Schlumberger (left) discusses wireline logging with WESTCARB’s Technical Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Burton, and California Energy Commissioner Jim Boyd
  • image24
    Schlumberger team conducting Formation Micro Imaging (FMI)/sonic logging
  • image25
    California Energy Commission staff visit project site. From left to right: Misa Milliron, Robin Smutny-Jones, Linda Spiegel, Laurie ten Hope, Elizabeth Keller