Drilling Progress at Citizen Green #1 Well


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Drilling Activity for December 7, 2011

Drilled directionally from 3,670 ft measured depth (MD)/3,345 ft true vertical depth (TVD) to 4,189 ft MD/3,788 ft TVD. Circulated hole clean. Pulled directional drilling assembly out of the well, laying down same. Changed mud pump liners from 6" to 5". Changed pipe rams in well control equipment and pressure tested same. Picked up National Oilwell Varco (NOV) coring equipment including bit and core barrel. Maintained fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon. Made wiper trip after 9 hours of drilling.


  • Directional drilling is on or very near planned course

  • Hole continues to be stable

  • Top of Nortonville Shale picked at 4,090 ft MD/3,704 ft TVD
Drilling Activity for December 8, 2011

Finished pulling and laying down directional drilling assembly. Rigged up hydraulic tongs for making up drilling assembly. Picked NOV core barrels. Picked up and spaced out inner core barrel. Picked up and spaced out drill insert in core bit. Finished picking up bottom hole assembly (BHA). Circulated through BHA. Picked up 5" drill pipe. Stopped to circulate drilling fluid through coring assembly twice. Hole began taking drilling fluid. Circulate drilling fluid. Finished picking up drill pipe. With core bit at 4,121 ft  measured depth (MD), circulated drilling fluid and rigged down B&L lay-down/pick-up equipment. Rigged up Tiger wireline equipment. Washed and reamed bit down to 4,189 ft MD/3,788 ft true vertical depth (TVD). Pulled drill insert with wireline. Picked up inner core barrels and pumped down coring assembly, into core barrel. Cored from 4,189 to 4,201 ft MD.

  • Maintained fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon. Some drilling assembly sticking problems observed when pipe is not moved and circulation of drilling fluid stops



12-7-8 drill progress