Drilling Progress at Citizen Green #1 Well


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Drilling Activity for December 19, 2011

Picked up additional heavy weight drill pipe. Laid down excess drill pipe from derrick. Lowered drilling assembly into well. Washed 60 to 6,973 ft measured depth (MD). Drilled new hole from 6,973 to 7,335 ft MD/~6,331 to 6,888 ft true vertical depth (TVD). Circulated drilling fluid to clean hole. Made 10 stand wiper trip after drilling 8 hours. Drilled from 7,335 to 7,570 ft MD/6,920 ft TVD. Circulated hole clean. Started 10 stand wiper trip.


  • ~TVD depths are based on projected inclination and azimuth
  • Drilling fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon
  • Schlumberger logging truck scheduled to arrive at noon today
Drilling Activity for December 20, 2011

Completed 10 stand wiper trip. Circulated drilling fluid to clean hole. Pulled drilling string out of the well. Rigged up Schlumberger open hole wireline logging equipment. Schlumberger calibrated Platform Express* tool string and lowered same into the well. Logged open hole from 7,562 ft to 516 ft MD (wireline measurements). Laid down Platform Express tools and picked up CMR-HNGS** tool string and calibrated same. Lowered wireline tools into the well and logged up from 7,562 ft MD.

  • Drilling fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon

*Measures porosity and resistivity


**CMR – helps determine injectivity of rock formations; HNGS – used to help determine the mineral composition of rocks



12-17-18 drill progress