Drilling Progress at Citizen Green #1 Well


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Drilling Activity for December 23, 2011

Completed logging run with MSIP*/ECS** up to 3,600 ft. Pulled logging tools out of the well and rigged down Schlumberger tools from floor and derrick. Lowered drill string with bit into the well, to total depth, to condition hole and drilling fluid. Circulated drilling fluid. Pulled drilling string out of the well. Rigged up Schlumberger open hole wireline sidewall coring equipment. Lowered sidewall coring tool into the well to 7,450 ft. Logged up with gamma ray log for depth correlation.


  • 10 cores drilled
  • Drilling fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon

*Modular Sonic Imaging Platform = FMI (formation micro imager – gives a image of the rocks) + sonic scanner (sound traveling through rock – measures mechanical strength of rock)


** Elemental captive spectrometry – used to determine mineralogy of rocks

Drilling Activity for December 24, 2011

Completed gamma ray log for depth correlation with MSCT.* Drilled 50 cores at various depths. Pulled MSCT out of well and unloaded cores from MSCT. 43 cores recovered. Laid down bottom hole assembly. Ran drill pipe, open ended, into the well to 6,015 ft measured depth (MD). Set balanced cement plug in open hole from 6,015 to ~5,700 ft MD. Pulled drill pipe to 5,385 ft MD and circulated to clear pipe of cement. Pulled drill pipe out of the well.

  • Drilling fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon

*Mechanical Sidewall Coring Tool



12-17-18 drill progress