Drilling Progress at Citizen Green #1 Well


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Drilling Activity for December 9, 2011

Cored from 4,210 ft measured depth (MD)/3,806 ft true vertical depth (TVD) to 4,249 ft MD/3,840 ft TVD. Total of 60 ft MD cored. Retrieved and laid down core barrel. 19 ft of core recovered. Lowered drill rod into drill string but could not seat drill rod in core bit. Pulled drill rod out of drill string. Pulled drill string out of the well. Checked coring bit and drill rod and seated drill rod. Lowered drill sting into well, circulating periodically. Circulated and washed bit down last 100 ft. Drilled from 4,249 to 4,252 ft MD.


  • Second core planned for Nortonville/ Domengine was eliminated based on sufficient recovery of first core
  • Will drill to approximately 4,490 ft MD and check direction (inclination & azimuth) of wellbore
  • Maintained fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon
Drilling Activity for December 10, 2011

Drilled from 4,252 ft measured depth (MD)/3,842 ft true vertical depth (TVD) to 4,441 ft MD/4,004 ft TVD. Circulated drilling fluid to clean hole. Rigged up to run directional survey and pipe became stuck. Rigged down equipment. Circulated drilling fluid while raising and lowering drill string. To free stuck drill rod, introduced LVT oil in pipe annulus and allowed to soak. Pipe remained stuck. Attempted to retrieve NOV drill rod, but rope socket on wireline broke. Rigged up wireline and free point locating equipment. Wireline indicated pipe stuck near 3,100 ft MD. Pumped LVT oil into drill string annulus to cover 3,000 to 4,000 ft MD. Allow oil to soak. At approximately 7:45, after the oil had been in place approximately 4 hours, the drill string pulled free.

  • Lowered fluid density at 10.0 pounds per gallon



12-9-10 drill progress