Drilling Progress at Citizen Green #1 Well


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Drilling Activity for December 25, 2011

Completed pulling drill pipe out of the well. Attached bit to drill pipe and lowered bit into well with drill pipe. Circulated and washed from 5,465 to 5,525 ft measured depth. Circulated to clean hole and condition drilling fluid for running casing. Pulled drill pipe out of the well and laid down. Rigged up casing running equipment. Picked up and made up float shoe, first joint of casing, float collar, and additional joints of casing. Placed 30 centralizers on first joints of casing. Continued picking up and making up joints of casing.


  • Drilling fluid density at 10.2 pounds per gallon
Drilling Activity for December 26, 2011

Completed picking up and making up joints of casing. Circulated drilling fluid and rigged up cementing equipment. Mixed and pumped cement as per plan. Rigged down cementing equipment. Set casing slips in wellhead. Nippled down well control equipment and nippled up wellhead. Cleaned Paul Graham surface mud tanks. Released Paul Graham Rig #6 to rig down and move.





12-17-18 drill progress